Vacuum Pet Brush

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This amazing vacuum brush pet brush is designed to keep your life free of pet fur with minimum effort and time!  The brush's bristles lift and clear their fur, while remaining gentle to your pet's skin. 

The true beauty of its design is the innovative vacuum attachment!  Just fix the other end of the brush to a compatible vacuum cleaner, turn it on watch it sucks all the fur up like a magnet!  And with its smart bristles positioning in this brush, you can forget about mats.  You don't even have to use your hand to clean it, one click of the vacuum switch and it's all gone!


  • Suitable for medium- or long-haired dog and other animals.
  • Remove loose hair directly from your dog before it sheds around the home.
  • Vacuum pet groomer is suitable for medium- or long-haired pets.
  • This is an O.E.M. authorized part which fits various Dyson models
  • Suitable for medium or long haired dogs
  • Slicker bristles positioned at 35°
  • Size: 170 * 80mm 

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