Transparent Pet Carrier

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Transportation of pets in enclosed cages or bag can be a traumatic experience for them.  Just Imagine if you are not being able to clearly see where you are going how would you feel? Well, those feelings are mutual for pets!  Introducing the transparent pet transport bag!  The innovative see-through design ensure pets have a 360-degree field of vision and situation awareness at all times!  This helps to mitigate their fear and anxiety level, as nothing calms them more than the sight of their owners.


  • Innovative 360 transparent see-through design.
  • Highly breathable design ensures sufficient air is available to your pets
  • Reduces pet anxiety and fear during transport.
  • Colorful and beautiful design available.
  • Made of Acrylic and available in red, green, orange and silver 
  • Washable design               


  • Size: S M L               
  • Weight: S-800g M-1000g L-1200g               

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