Silicone Frisbee

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Dogs love a good day at the park and they would love nothing more than a good Frisbee workout!  Our frisbee is made of non-toxic silicone which is flexible, durable and will not hurt your dog's teeth when it's thrown!  Its bright color will ensure high visibility to you and your furry companion even under bright sunlight.  



  • Material: Made of non-toxic and durable silicone
  • The bright color is loved by dogs, at the same time it's also bite-resistant and soft.
  • Provide hours of interactive game time for you and your pet.
  • Frisbee is designed aerodynamically for sustain flight, so you can ensure it will fly far!
  • Warning! Once your dog has it in their mouth, they can not help themselves and can't put it down!
  • Please note the older version has no paw motif, while new variant will have it.
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