Personalised Dog Tags

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Losing your pets can be a traumatic experience, improve the chances of reuniting with your pets with an engraved dog tag.  With our personalized engraving services, you can provide essential details such as the name of your pet, gender and contact details.  We are certain that critical information would aid in the return of your pets by someone who located your pet! 


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Bonelike, Heartshaped, Round, Square
  • Feature: Personalized Engraving

    Dimensions: Size: M, L

    Estimated time of delivery: 14-30 days.  Dear customer, this item is made to order, thus it will take some time.

    • Free for any United States address!
    • Additional shipping charges apply for an international address.
    • Please also note VAT /Customs duties are payable by recipients residing in EU or applicable countries.


        1. Choose a Style and size which you like.
        2. Type in the essential details you wish to see on the Tag.
          1. Name (ie. Max, Bubbles etc.)
          2. Phone number (i.e TEL : 1234567)
          3. Gender (i.e Male or Female)