Slow Feed Bowl

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Modern food processing has made it easier for our pets to consume their food, yet their natural instinct to eat quickly remains which results in indigestion or bloating!  When dogs eat too quickly, they swallow air along with their food at the same time. The food and air mix in the stomach can cause your dog to vomit or regurgitate. This can sometimes lead to a serious condition called Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus which is life-threatening.  This will require a visit to the Vet for further examination and most likely x-rays will need to be taken to ascertain if it is GDV

A slow feed bowl will ensure your dog eat at a healthy regulated pace.  It was designed to increase the time it takes for your dog to get the food out of the maze-like structure within the bowl.  If you noticed burping/reflux from your pets during feeding time, this is the perfect bowl for you!  This bowl could just save you a trip down to the vet! Feed your trusty companions with our slow feed bowl today!


  • Spiral design with even spacing walls
  • 3 colorful design which you can choose from
  • Strong and durable plastic which is safe for your pets.
  • Innovative design ensures a regulated pace of eating for your pets.
  • Dimension's of the bowl is 7.5 inches (circumference) by 1.7 inches (height) 

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