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It's about time your pup has their own designer swag!  Not only is our dog collar tasteful & fashionable, but it's also made from high-quality nylon integrated to a metal buckle.  Pup chewing through the plastic buckle collar?  Our collar is the perfect solution!

Choose from our 6 designs:

  1. SPRING - pink flower pattern design with a tint of green, signifying the start of spring. Everyone is enjoying the outdoors and a floral feast for the eyes.
  2. SUNFLOWERS - Rainbow colors of sunflowers all around the collar, signifying the start of summer!  The sight of large sunflowers in the fields just puts a smile on everyone's face!
  3. STRIPES - Gorgeous collar with blue, white, grey and black stripes which naturally gives people a Friday vibe!  It has a calm and majestic feel to it.
  4. BLACK & WHITE - Simple and clear cut design which presents a formal & classy tone.
  5. ARMY GREEN - The color tones of army green collar matches perfectly to present a subtle military vibe!  Perfect for people in the military!
  6. BLUE PLANET - Tasteful blend of blue and earth tones colors with floral design gives this collar a natural and distinct feel.

We are confident with the quality and design of the collars as such, we are offering a 90 days warranty on our designer collars.  This collar is built to last with its High-quality nylon, cross stitch, and metal buckle!

Please refer to our size guide below to gauge which size is most suitable for your dog.  Please note the width of the collar increases with the size of the dog, as to ensure tensile strength is maintained proportionally.



10” TO 15.5”

(25 - 40CM)




12” TO 19.5”

(30 - 50CM)




14” TO 23.5”

(36 - 60CM)




Delivery Time Est: 9 to 20 days (due to heavy demand)

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