Dear customers,

Welcome to yuppy paws FAQ page.  We hope those commonly asked question will help to resolve any issues/concerns you might have.  If you have any further questions which are not covered under this FAQ, please drop us an email to our client service representative at info@yuppypaws.com.  We do our best to address them.

F.A.Q (some commonly asked questions)

1. Where is my order sent from?

Currently, your order is sent from our supplier's warehouse based in China.  In the near future, we hope to send goods directly to you via a USA fulfillment center to expedite the processing.

2. Where are the goods manufactured?

The goods you are receiving is made in China, we are also looking to purchase products from US-based wholesaler in the future.

3. Can I get a discount on a future order?

Sure! Sign up to our mailing list now and get a 10% discount on your first order!  And watch out for the newsletters not only does it contains helpful tips / Trivia on our pets.  It will also contain discount coupons!  But don’t wait too long for those coupons if you have already set your mind on an item, as we have limited stocks for products.  We don't want you to miss out on the purchase you always wanted!

4. Which shipping firms do you use?

We endeavor to ship your products as soon as we can.  We will always choose USPS for our dispatch.  In the event, it's not available we will use a Third party vendor (E-Packet) to ship your products.  If assuming there are no unforeseen circumstances with payment or stock, your product should reach you within 7-30 days.  Please note in the event US post office (highly unlikely) is Furloughed we will switch to 3rd party vendor for fulfillment.  Under those special circumstances, we will expect delays to rearrange parcel dispatch, your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.

5. Does yuppy paws sell products under your own label?

We are a young startup and we love pets!  Our dream is to produce products which meet pet owner requirement (Ourselves included).  It takes time and most importantly money to do R&D, product development and marketing.  We really hope to be able to that very soon and we will definitely source our fans feedback on products we wished to develop.