Safety Light Pet Collar

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Are our pets safe at night? Statistics clearly show they are not!  Taking your beloved pet for a night walk is relaxing after a long day of work and it's a great time to bond with your pets. However, visibility is usually low at this time, especially when street lighting is not optimal. Motorists and cyclists typically have visibility of 20 meters during this time. And the danger increases at road crossings when our dogs might be walking ahead of us at a crossing.

What if there is a way to protect our pets and us? Introducing the innovative safety light pet collar, it's bright luminous LED light ensures your pet is easily noticed! It's simple to use with just an on/off button. It's also water resistant and has a long battery life of 50 hours, making it a breeze to maintain.  Let your pet say hello with the bright halo around their neck, announcing their presence to the motorist at night.


  • Bright illumination which ensures visibility from far.
  • 7 colors you can choose (Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and White).
  • Easy operation (on/off) and long battery life (More than 50 hours)


  • And it's available in the sizes below, which can accommodate dogs of all sizes.
  • S: width (1 in), length (13.8 in - 16.9 in)
  • M: width (1 inch), length (15.7 in - 15.9 in)
  • L: width (1 in), length (17.7 in - 20.5 in)
  • XL: width (1 in), length (20.5 in - 23.6 in)

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