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Studies have shown 40% of accidents happen at night and one of the contributing factors for those accidents is a LACK OF VISIBILITY.  Wearing a reflective or illuminated device helps to improve visibility by 10-20 feet.  Thereby improving the response time of drivers and reducing the chances of accidents.

Our Clip-on beacon light is a multi-purpose light which can be used during night walks, hiking, cycling, and running activities!  What keeps your pet safe can keep you safe too!  It's flashing LED ensures optimum visibility in the darkest of night.  The LED beacon light features a stainless steel carabiner clip with replaceable batteries. It's water resistant and has a spring clip which clips on easily to any dog's collar D-ring or personal items which require illumination.

It has 3 modes of operations Solid state, Fast Blink, and Slow Blink.  Just tap the button on the beacon to alternate between the different modes! The recommended setting is fast blink, which is the most effective mode, ensuring maximum visibility during night walks or activities.

  1. Press once for solid light
  2. Press twice for fast blink mode *recommended mode*
  3. Press three times for slow blink mode


    • LED Light Color: Available in White, Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Transparent case, Multi-colour.
    • Power source: CR2016 Button Cell
    • Weight: 25g

    Package Content:

    • 1 x LED Clip on beacon light

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