Pet Bath Gloves

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Our furry companion loves to shed fur and it is a natural process for them.  Their fur can be found everywhere!  The best way to prevent a furmageddon? Diligently clear their fur and their bath time is the best opportunity to do so.

Introducing the bath gloves for our pets! The innovative silicone design with it's risen spike ensures furs will be collected when you brush them and ensure they stay on the gloves itself.  Those spikes also ensure a deep cleanse of your pets, enabling you to clean hard to reach places below their thick undercoat of fur. Once sufficient fur is accumulated just peel it off and throw in the trash, it's that simple!


  • Innovative brush glove which reduces the fur in your house.
  • Cleaning aid which aids pets to shed their fur.
  • The brush is made of Pet safe silicone material. 

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