2CLEAN™ Paw Washer

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Our companions love a good walk and they LOVE the dirt on their paws but we don't!  How do we keep our pet's from messing up the floors? Introducing 2CLEAN™ spin action paw washing mug for dogs!  The mug has an integrated handle and a pumping mechanism.  To use just add some water to the mug, place doggie's paw into the bottle and squeeze the handle to start the cleaning process!  It's that simple!  Within a few wash cycle, your doggie's paw will be clean as new!
  1. 100% brand new spin action cleaning mug!
  2. 360 spinning bristle, ensures proper cleaning of their paws!
  3. The design makes it easy for you to top up / drain the water from the mug!
  4. Great for most small to medium size dogs!


  • Size: 152mm*91mm*131mm.

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