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About yuppypaws

We are pet owners and we want the best pet products for everyone! As pet owners, we can relate to your needs and concerns. 

What are our mission and vision?

Mission: Deliver good products to pet lovers, measuring success by the value we deliver & joy we bring to people & pets we serve.

Vision: Fulfil pet lovers need and giving back to the community.

Customer service is the No.1 focus for our firm! If you have a question about the product you have purchased you can contact us and we will respond within 24 hours. 

1. This contact form << Click to launch.

2. Message us via facebook messenger via the icon on the right.

3. Email us at info@yuppypaws.com

4. If you just like to speak to someone over the phone just give us a call at +15203945134


customer feedbackS

Shout out to the customer support team! 

They were patient and took the time to address our queries.

Jonathan *********

Select an incorrect size for toy ball (our bad..) thankfully it has not shipped yet.  Gave customer hotline a call and they changed it in 5 mins!  Like to say thanks to Janet for her help.

Ashlyn ******

Item was supposed to arrive within 15 days. 

We were pleasantly surprise to receive the order 6 days earlier!

Charlie S******

Keep up the good work!

Richard *******

Thanks for your quick response to my queries!

Daryl C******